The Inception and Evolution of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) in the Debt Relief and Credit Repair Industries

Shipkevich PLLC held a two-part webinar to discuss the legal and regulatory evolutions of the U.S. FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). These webinars discussed the regulatory scope of the TSR and its enforcement application by the FTC and CFPB. It also discuss the TSR’s application and allegations made in recent CFPB enforcement actions against certain credit repair companies.


  • Regulatory scope of the TSR
  • Discuss the TSR advance fee ban
  • Discuss what type of disclosures are required under TSR
  • TSR enforcement actions by the CFPB and FTC in the debt settlement industry
  • Recent enforcement actions by CFPB and FTC against credit repair industry
  • How does TSR affect debt relief and credit repair industries?

Part I:
Scope of TSR: Inception of TSR and Application in the Debt Settlement Industry

Part II:
The Evolution of Applying the TSR from the Debt Settlement to the Credit Repair Industry