The Use of Attorneys in Debt Settlement: Discussion of Legal and Regulatory Issues


On June 30, 2020, Shipkevich PLLC held a webinar to discuss the use of attorney services in the debt settlement industry. 

This webinar discussed the issues surrounding legal and regulatory matters concerning debt settlement companies and attorneys. 

It focused on the various fee structures, the prohibition of fee sharing, and attorneys’ ethical and professional responsibility considerations that must be made before engaging in debt settlement. 

Additionally, it discussed enforcement actions by the FTC and CFPB against attorneys and debt settlement companies for the various uses of the “Attorney Model.”


  • Debt Settlement and Attorney fee structures, and the prohibition on fee-sharing
  • Attorney ethical and professional responsibility considerations when (1) performing debt settlement services; and (2) entering into relationships with debt settlement companies
  • Legal and regulatory issues surrounding the use of “Attorney Model” in the debt settlement space
  • Analysis of FTC and CFPB enforcement actions for the use of “Attorney Model”